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Aboagye Marcos is a Ghanaian by birth and a descent of Asante-Akyem Adomfɛ. I am a committed and a Baptised Christian by choice. I did my HND in the then Koforidua Polytechnic (now Koforidua Technical University) completing with first class honours in 2015 and subsequently emerging as the best student of my graduating class (HND Civil Engineering).  I also did my obligatory national service as a Teaching Assistant at the Civil Engineering Department of now Koforidua Technical University.

Setting higher standards and living an indelible mark in the mind of people are my goals, as such I always strive for the best. I don’t know why I set these strenuous goals for myself, maybe it stems from the height people around me have attained or the excitement that comes with accomplishment. It also possible that these traits may be ebbed in my personality because of the environment I grew up and the situations I found myself in.

A lot of people have been asking me about how I learn, first of all, I believe that the ability to learn, understand, and recall what you have learnt easily, is a gift as recorded at Daniel 1:17. Moreover, if you don’t have this easy to recall gift, by consistent insistence learning, one can become academically good, this restless approach too is also in harmony with the teachings of the Bible as recorded at Genesis 27:40.

Some of my key secrets to learning is that, I sometimes write down the very words of the lecturers to serve as a guide for me when learning. Furthermore, I painstakingly copy good notes, ask questions where necessary and most importantly learn ahead of class, in fact, I don’t start learning when it’s approaching exams (actually during exams time I don’t learn, but revise). Every page I read, I pause and ask myself series of question that are likely to be asked by the lecturer from that page and provide answers to those questions by surfing the internet for answers, or seek friend’s assistances and sometimes, consult the lecturers themselves.

One of the mistakes I avoided was answering exams questions in the exams room. What I mean is that before sitting for an exam, I will solve series of questions so answering a question in the exams room becomes normal to me. In all, one thing I have come to accept is that the best way to learn is to teach, honestly sometimes I learn by acting like I am teaching somebody.

In all, I did twenty-four (24) courses in my Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering top-up degree, securing 15A+, 8A and 1B+ with a final cumulative grade point average(FCGPA) of 4.83 out of 5.00.

I believe that life is governed by principles and principles are functions of priorities, so irrespective of your faith, if you are able to discover the basic principles of life, with a well thought out priorities you will succeed.

I was also vocal on issues affecting students on campus, because I also believe that, the only thing necessary for the reign of evil is for the good to remain silent, at the  departmental level I am the founding president of  Civil Engineering Students’ Association, where I single-handedly drafted the constitution of the said association, and represented the student front at various fora and also held many student positions at the faculty level, I was also a member of the SRC General Assembly. I also use to publish articles in the SRC magazine.

I am a pragmatic person and often think in a contemplative way about various issues of practical importance. Being able to identify patterns and relationships that are not obvious to others is perhaps my greatest strength. My ability to perceive the balance between theory and practice gives me the opportunity to work on projects having the potency to affect our future lives.

Mr. Aboagye Marcos and Wife

My hobbies are studying the Bible (I have written a book entitled THE GOSPEL DECODED, which is 330 pages explaining over 30 controversial issues in Christianity, the book is free and available upon request), playing computer games, playing with softwares, Engineering, and having social interactions with people who are in tune with my dreams.

This award is dedicated to my step father, Pastor Caleb, for being the intact rock upon which I have stood to reach this level of education. To my Mum, Madam Mary Akua Akoto on whose prayers I have prospered throughout my life, education and beyond, to my Wife Mrs Juliana Konadu Aboagye, to my indefatigable mates (both HND Civil Eng. and Btech Civil Eng) and everyone who want to attain higher height.

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