The Technical University Teachers’ Association of Ghana has declared a nationwide sit-down strike following the failure of government to migrate them onto the conditions of service enjoyed by their counterparts in traditional public universities

According to the Association, in a letter dated July 26th, 2018 and copied to relevant authorities of state such as the Ministry of Education(MoE) and the National Council for Tertiary Education(NCTE) to expedite action along with the fair wages and salaries commission in relation to the situation has not yielded any results.

The SRC President of Koforidua Technical University, H.E. Raphael Kobla Elorm Dzivenu posted on his facebook page on 20th September, sharing the concerns of the helpless Technical University student, his post might have been provoked by the frustrated students who he just took over the mantle to serve, He commended GNUTS for their actions taken on the issue so far, below is the post.

What a country we are in, it is so pathetic how our parents, some personal individuals strive so hard to gather or put some money up just for us to pay what is called school fees and help try to see that we their children try hard to see the daylight, since it is said that education is the key, only for it to be said that lecturers are on a sit down strike and the Government who also are being called upon as a result of the strike keep mute and just watch the students of various  Technical Universities lavish and lament in anguish and see not their left to right within the period of the strike. Always depriving we the students of our consumer rights.

How do we expect the students to achieve excellence?

Are we not rather expecting much failure and deficiencies in our student’s graduates?

Thanks to GNUTS who are trying to catch a little bit attention to help solve the problem but still the Government and Lecturer’s turn a deaf ear to the situation.

I know that neither the Lecturers nor the Government want to deprive the students of their consumer rights but all indications are leading likewise.

I just can’t understand why, when you try to speak, they say it’s a national issue, ah ……simple because it’s a national issue, the students should lose at that expense.

Please if the students should also rise up expressing their dislike would it be well heard of?

Please the Government of our beloved country and the Lecturers of our noble institutions should resolve this beef among themselves as soon as possible to enable we the students return back to our lecture halls and enjoy our consumer rights.



My humble plea.
I know the comments coming…..