The Relevance Students Attach to the Usage of SIP – Opinion


It baffles me as at now most students (especially continuing students) who are required to log into SIP to register their courses for the semester, have either forgotten the URL to SIP or their Login credential (password or username).

Since the University decided to automate most of its processes and go paperless, Online Student Information System (OSIS) was deployed to manage student information from admission to graduating of students.

The student access to this system is Student Information Portal (SIP) which enable students access their bio-data, personal Account (fees), Examination Results, Academic Course Registration, and Lecturers Appraisal. Every year, staff from the ICT Directorate takes fresh students through this system to help them appreciate the importance of the SIP during their orientation.

Today most continuing students are faced with problem of forgetting their password and others the url to the portal.

The number of request (to change password) received when results are published shows that most students don’t regularly visit the site, this is so because some students don’t use the system but rather consult their friends for help on the usage.

The emerging trends in technology has offered users variety of tools that can help keep information like notes, text, lists, images, reminders and audio. In order not forget information (ie. SIP login Credentials and other important password and stuffs) I recommend Google Keep.

Google Keep is available on the web, and has mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. With Google Keep you can save all your passwords, bank account numbers, index number, pin codes and any short notes, have access to your data saved even if you lose your phone. You can access it on the web or re-sign in with the same email address on a new phone and you will have all your data back.

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