KTU SRC Veep Quizzes – Opinion


One would have thought that for a position as high and respectable as that of the Presidency of KTU SRC, one that is not devoid of all the stress and student attention demand that it comes with, the occupant would use all his or her night time to get some deserved rest to get relief from working so hard during the week.

But our SRC VICE PRESIDENT seems to be an exception. When it might have been the thought that most students would be asleep, the Veep seemed to have had a sleepless night. He seemed to have a lot on his mind; Many questions that he needed answers to and maybe wanted to direct at his students.

We could justify these with some of these questions as he posted them on his WhatsApp status feed on the dawn of Sunday, September 9 2018, between 04:50GMT and 06:00GMT just after wishing the current PRO, Alice Boateng, and the immediate past Vice President, Daniel Agyei, happy birthdays in respective order.

He posted some demanding questions such as:

  1. How can you help the SRC as a student?
  2. Will you just sit and watch on?
  3. Do you seek to criticize only? just to quote a few.

Our question is, what could cause a whole Vice President to stay up all night, pondering over questions as these?

Take a look at the screenshots from his WhatsApp and see if you can give him some answers. Comment if you have any for him.

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  1. These are interesting questions tho.
    But the reality is that, will the student leadership be will to accept and implement solutions offer them?
    Will they also accept constructive criticisms from the student body?

    Most often when people capture power they don’t listen to views from outside….that’s bad leadership. I pray we get a listening student leadership.

  2. Why don’t they organise an open forum for students opinion on how best they as students can help the SRC?

    Or at GA the agenda could be seeking students opinion on how to do some things and what students expect from them.
    They could even get solutions on how to do it from the same students so that the students will get to know that this leadership is working with us

  3. Having met and spoken with Current SRC Vice president on several occasions, I have come to the realization that he is a very democratic leader one that is willing to listen to advice and criticisms. I wish him and the current leadership well. All the best in their tenure. We will be on the stand by and ready to offer any advice or solutions within out capacity when the time comes. Bless👐

  4. Comment: Waaw I liket the way the
    KTU SRC Vice President is thinking.
    But am also from a different angle asking, Why not asking how can the SRC help the students
    Because they’ve paid their dues expecting you as a to use their money for something productive

    I wish you all the best of your answer
    God bless u and Your administration

  5. After spending 5yrs on campus, I think its only fair for the SRC to change the student’s perspective of the “SRC EXECUTIVE”
    This can only be done through Education and SRC being more transparent in their activities.
    They can also champion activities that promote student interest e.g. Advice the president to push for quicker graduation, student record thus issues of results and examination related issues.

  6. There are alot of issues in the SRC constitution that need to be address and another issue is the administration getting involve in all SRC activities on campus is becoming unbecoming


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