How To Build Confidence From Scratch?


Confidence is an amazing thing that can literally turn your life around for the better. Fortunately, it’s also not the mysterious thing some people seem to think it is. Instead, confidence is something that can be learned by anyone. In this article, Beauty and Tips offers help with building confidence up from scratch.

Confidence gives you unprecedented power to go out there and achieve all that you want from life. Confidence gives you the power to live life on your own terms. It lets you assert yourself with people, makes it so much easier to ask a guy out, land the job of your dreams and take unbelievable but beautiful risks that are rich with rewards.

Doesn’t is sound amazing? It sure does. But it also kinda sucks when we see other people with lots of confidence winning at life, while we’re still scared of leaving the house in our new dress that probably looks silly on us. However, all the confidence in the world is yours if you want it. No one was born confident. The only reason some women have more confidence than you is because they have learned how to excel at it. They’ve mastered the skills and knowledge and developed the habits that all confident people have. And now you can, too. Let’s take a look at how to build confidence up from scratch.

Forgo ALL Negativity

Negativity swirls around us all the time – if we let it. It picks up momentum like a typhoon and destroys all in sight – but only if we let it. You might suppose that negativity isn’t something you can escape.

“How can I escape negativity when there are wars going on all the time?”

It’s up to us to decide what we choose to watch/read and listen to. It’s also up to us to decide who we hang out with. You can either put a filter and filter out the negativity – or you can continue immersing yourself in it.

Negativity tells you that you can’t do something. It tells you that you’re not good enough. It reminds you that life is rubbish, we can’t change our environment, so what’s the point?

Only, confident people have got this all figured out. They forgo all negativity and focus only on positive things. This is one of the greatest tips on how to build confidence. Confident people watch positive videos, read constructive books, and hang out with positive people. All of which tells them they are good enough and they can do this.


What’s in a smile? Everything. A smile tells people you’re happy and confident. It makes them feel happy, too. More importantly, it makes you feel happy and confident. People who smile automatically feel good about themselves. All of a sudden, there is a spring in their step. They can totally do this!

Try it. Spend some more time smiling and see how it affects your self-esteem. It’s such a great tip on how to build confidence. You’ll surely find that you’ve got more optimism and more of a feel-good, I-can-do-this and life-is-not-so-scary factor.

Take Pride In Your Appearance

It’s amazing what impact our appearance can have on our confidence. Sometimes, all it takes is a fantastic new hair style and all of a sudden we feel as though we can ace our next job interview or wow our first date. Clothes make the woman, so it’s important that you dress to impress, it’s a good advice on how to build confidence from scratch. If your wardrobe has always been too dowdy and your hair is too plain but you literally don’t know how to improve things, talk to someone who does. Seek out the services of your best-dressed, hippest-looking, fashion-obsessed friend and ask them to help you out. Get them to take you clothes shopping, pay a visit to their stylist and get the killer look you’ve always dreamed of. It will work wonders for your confidence.

Grow Your Knowledge

Ever watched a talk-show guest chat away full of confidence? It’s because they know what they’re talking about. People like this are so sure of themselves and what they’re saying that they emit lots of confidence. And you know what? YOU can, too! Knowledge is power. It gives us confidence because we KNOW we are right about something.

Pick a subject you want to learn more about and grow your knowledge. Even the act of learning itself will give you confidence. You will feel great! And the more you know, the more you can’t be caught out by things that rock your confidence.

Think Positively

If you take a close look at confident people, you’ll notice one sure thing they all have in common: They’re all positive people. You literally won’t find a confident person who is alway down in the dumps. Confident people have learned that always looking on the bright side of life makes them more comfortable in their own skin. When they focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong, they’re sure that the right things will happen. It’s like when you go for a job interview. If you head into an interview expecting the worst possible outcome, your body language and behaviour will reflect that. Your shoulders will drop, your conversation will be defeatist and you’ll barely raise a smile.

So our tip on how to build confidence is to fill yourself with positive thoughts, feel good about the world and your role in it, and confidence will come naturally.

Know Your Values

Another thing that confident people have in common is that they know their values inside out. They know what means more to them in life than anything else, and they know that these values won’t be compromised. Every decision they make is in accordance with these values, values that they know are taking them towards their goals in life.

So our final tip on how to build confidence is to write down your values. Then, you can start to make decisions that are in accordance with them. This will give you the confidence that you are always making the right call. Even if someone disagrees with you, you KNOW you are being true to yourself. And this kind of confidence is breathtaking.

Do you have other tips on how to build confidence?

Source: Beauty and Tips


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