Fresher 101: Here Are Things You Should Never Do As A First Year Student


Being in a new environment brings with it many confusing feelings and most often we make decisions we aren’t so sure of.

There are some things though that can have hazardous effects on you not only as a first year but a University student in general.

Here are things you should never do in University.

Be A Perfectionist

Perfectionists always fail. Imperfectionists are always perfect. Confusing? Celebrate the act of doing. Make all the mistakes and don’t use the outcome to measure success, but rather to learn, grow, and work to be your personal best.

You get it now right?

Expect Things to Just Happen

Weather happens, rain, wind gusts, those are things that just happen. Know what doesn’t just happen? Life! University experiences are created.

Those good grades you are aiming for, that girl or boy in your class you’re hoping to befriend, that project you want to ace. These are all things that don’t work out by folding your arms

You need to have a plan on campus.

What’s your plan? A plan includes people, hard work, dedication, and patience.

Don’t just be another person, be a person with a plan, you barb?

Try to Be Liked by Everyone 

University isn’t about who likes you (that was SHS).

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, not only does that affect your conscience, but it’s exhausting as well. Don’t be a people pleaser, be yourself!

It is important that you let your personality shine through so that your friends will be drawn to who you are as a person.

Don’t be who you are not, simply because you want to befriend people.

Ask Mom and Dad to Fix It

Remember when you waved your parents goodbye as you entered into the gates of the University? Well if you don’t know, that came with something called responsibility! So something in your room gets broken or you misplace something important… It’s your mess. Clean it up. Don’t bother your parents with these kind of issues chale. Take time to process big emotions and calm yourself.  It’s how you become seasoned to face life.

Assume You Know

Assumptions are based on fear and ignorance. Challenge them. You’ll be shocked to discover how wrong or right you’ve been. Don’t be in a haste to prove yourself everywhere you go. No one likes a know it all and it would only make people dislike being around you. Be humble and you will be learning more than you ever thought you knew.

Expect You Roommate to Be Your Bestie

Friendship is a bonus. Hope for it, but don’t require it. A roommate is a roommate, period!

Don’t be up in each other’s faces simply because you share the room. It can be quite unhealthy when one is doing so much all in the name of making the other comfortable and getting the other to like him or her.

When you don’t require friendship, you can have honest conversations. Ironically, this is how you will develop a lasting friendship.

You both would have to learn how to get along and tolerate each other.

These are the keys for a successful life in the University. Use them well.


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