After Industrial Attachment What Next


Industrial Attachment officially ended for HND and DBS programmes on the 17th August, 2018. This apply to those who started their attachment on the 25th June, 2018, if you have any reasons not to have started on the said date, you will have to extend your attachment period by the days lost

The assumption of duty form made available online for students to fill so the industrial liaison office will know where students are having their attachment hence the allocation of supervisors, most of the students either didn’t fill this form or didn’t give good directions to their places of work or filled this form late, after the deadline.

I will urge all students who haven’t been supervised to contact the liaison office for their supervisors to get their log books sign.

Logbook-This is a book where the student records the activities he/she performs on a daily basis while on attachment. It is divided into days/weeks/month

At the end of attachment, students are required to write a report that is about 20 pages, I have some guidelines below to help you write a good report



Preliminary pages
They should include on separate pages the following: Title page, Report overview and Table of contents. (List of Figures and List of Tables may also be included as appropriate).

Chapter 1: – Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives

Chapter 2: – Description of the establishment of attachment
2.1 Location and Brief history of establishment
2.2 Objectives of establishment
2.3 Organisational structure (including organogram)
2.4 The various departments/units in the establishment and their functions

Chapter 3 & 4: – Two chapters reporting on work actually carried out with clear statements on experiences gained.

Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations.
5.1 Summary of attachment activities
5.2 Problems encountered during the programme
5.3 Suggestions for improvement of the scheme.

Note: your log book and report should be submitted to the liaison office on reopening of school, they carry marks

Thank you for your time reading, should u have any concerns, hit on the comment session below and leave a message, I will respond



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