Get A 100% Locally Verified Ghanaian Paypal Account Today For All Your Transactions


Get a 100% locally verified Ghanaian PayPal account today for all your transactions

with your own Ghana address and verified here in Ghana

The account will be linked with your

GIBit Technology

💰 Visa 💳 Card
💰 Master Card
💰 Virtual Credit Card
💰 Mobile Money

Why You Need a Paypal Account?

  1. Widely (internationally) used as the secured mode of payment for online businesses.
  2. You can buy/boost ur page on facebook by paying from paypal
  3. Buy APPS on Playstore, AppStore music from iTunes, buy from ebay, amazon, alibaba, etc.
  4. Receive your earnings from your blog or ads online
  5. Pay for your hosting/domain services from godaddy, bluehost, hostgator,etc
  6. Pay your app purchases
  7. Buy/shop goods online.
  8. With PayPal, you can use it to receive your royalties from all the online music streaming services available.

And many more:

Whatsapp/PM us on this same number on 0247902473 and

Call us on 0247902473

If you wish to sell your PayPal funds or buy PayPal funds call us now and let’s talk. We buy at the most affordable rate in Ghana.

Our Accounts Supports Direct Withdrawals As Well Into Your Visa Card Or Mastercard

Bonus Attached Is That We Will Give You Three Legit Sites That You Can Sign Up For Free And Work Online And Get Paid Easily Through Paypal

Call Us Now On 0247902473 And 0247902473for More Information.



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