Delay In Transition – Says New KTUSRC Executives Elect


Tuesday July 3, 2018

As the newly elected executives of Koforidua Technical University SRC, we want to express our profound gratitude once again to the entire student body for entrusting in us, the opportunity to serve and to “seek the general welfare of the students…” as stipulated in the SRC constitution. It is our promise to you that we surely will not disappoint you.

At the same time, we wish to express our displeasure in the highly undue and unnecessary delay in the transition process and subsequent handing over ceremony between the incoming and outgoing SRC administrations.

GIBit Technology

Results of the elections were announced on 14th June, 2018 and almost three weeks through today, it will interest the general student body to know that;

  • No official meeting between the incoming and outgoing administrations has taken place yet.
  • No proper orientation has been organized for the incoming administration.
  • The transition team, as required by the constitution in Article 26 clause i, has not been formed.
  • No official date for the handing over has been properly communicated.
  • The sitting President is on a tour of the country and was not available to read the state of the council address at the last General Assembly meeting

We do not want to believe that “deals are going on”, as rumours going about suggest as the reason for the delay. We, by issuing this communique demand that the sitting administration speed up the process of the transition or give proper reasons to the whole student body as to why the delay has occurred.

As a student administration whose preparations towards our new term of office has been unfairly cut short by the delay in the electoral process, we want to hit the ground running, and therefore ask that His Excellency the incumbent President and his team rightly cooperate with us and not further worsen our woes.

Long Live KTU SRC!
Long Live KTU!!
Long Live Ghana!!!


Raphael K. Elorm Dzivenu
SRC President Elect

All Other Elected Executives

Issued By:
Alice Frimpomaa Boateng
SRC Pro Elect

Cc: Ktuinsider.Com

Alice Frimpomaa Boateng


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