Process To Submit Assumption Of Duty Form Online

Mr. Sundiata Bernard (IT Support Staff ILO)

Students on Industrial Attachment are to fill an Assumption of Duty form online, this can be done after the student have gotten placement and have started attachment, students have a week to submit this (25th – 3rd July 2018). The Assumption of Duty when submitted will notify the industrial liaison office where students are having their attachment hence the allocation of supervisors.

However, students who are doing VIRA are advised to desist from filling the assumption of duty form

Note: Failure to fill this form by the time given above, you will not be supervised and that will lead to the cancellation of your attachment

GIBit Technology

Process to submit Assumption of Duty Form online

  • Log into the KTUSRC Portal
  • Click on the last image as shown below
  • A new window popup the form
  • Fill in the spaces provided
  • When done click on submit

How do I know if I have successfully submitted the Assumption of Duty Form?

Check your status on the link blow now!!

Please Share This Important Message To All Student’s Groups And Class Groups

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Liaison Office:
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Thank you.


  1. Hi
    Please what if you got a place for your Attachment after the closing date for the submission of the assumption of duty info thus 3rd July.

    Will ours be cancelled too. If not can we alert the liaison office manually or there is no other means other than the online.



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