KTU Industrial Attachment And VIRA Officially Starts Nationwide For HND&DBS Programmes On Monday 25th June, 2018

Mr. Peter Kosoe (Ag. Industrial liaison officer)

Over four thousand (4,000) Students of Koforidua Technical University will on Monday 25th June 2018 start a nationwide industrial attachment across the country, these students will comprise second and first year’s of the university.

An Industrial Attachment is a structured, credit-bearing work experience in a professional work setting during which the student applies and acquires knowledge and skills. It involves the application of learned skills in an organization related to the students’ major. An Industrial Attachment should challenge the student to examine the values of the organization involved in the experience, and to assess the student’s education as it relates to the Industrial Attachment.

Other benefits of an Industrial Attachment include: 1) exploring career interests, 2) learning new skills, 3) gaining work experience, 4) developing a professional network and 5) understanding workplace expectations.

GIBit Technology

For the second years, this will be the second experience for most of them, KTU industrial attachment is compulsory and part of the second semester courses registered for both first and second year students, first year students will for the first time have their experience.

“Students on industrial attachment are expected to fill an Assumption of Duty form online, this can be done after the student have gotten placement and have started attachment, students have a week to submit this (25th – 3rd July 2018). The Assumption of Duty when submitted will notify the industrial liaison office where students are having their attachment hence the allocation of supervisors” he said, Mr. Peter Kosoe (Ag. Industrial liaison officer)

He added that, the university have an insurance cover for all students on attachment, companies and organizations who may demand for insurance cover from students can be obtain from the industrial liaison office or faculty industrial reps., in an eventuality where the student on attachment is injured, the insurance cover will cater for him/her

Students are to obtain a Logbook-This is a book where the student records the activities that he/she performs on a daily basis while on attachment. It is divided into days/weeks/month (you can buy the logbook at the bookshop Administration)

A month into the attachment, the university will send supervisors; these are lecturers who will be sent by the university to find out the progress the attachee is making.

Industrial Attachment Code Of Conduct

Trainees who are accepted for this industrial attachment are privileged and should be proud of this opportunity. The student is the university’s ‘ambassador’ to the company or organization during industrial attachment. Misconduct by the student may jeopardize the opportunities of other candidates whom the company or organization may wish to take in future. Thus, the reputation of the KOFORIDUA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY must be upheld at all times. Trainees must set a good example in behavior and personal appearance and are expected to conduct themselves sensibly and with dignity during attachments and portray themselves as responsible and respectable citizens of the future.

General Regulations

  • The appropriate uniforms if provided by the organization / company must be worn at all times. Otherwise decent and respectable dressing is expected from all trainees undertaking attachment.
  • Cleanliness of the organization / company’s grounds, offices, workshops and toilets should be the concern of every trainee on attachment.
  • Trainees are not allowed to bring or consume alcoholic beverages whilst on attachment and nor any foodstuffs other than in designated area.
  • Smoking in offices and workshops is strictly forbidden, unless allowed by the organization / company.
  • Use of drugs (narcotics) is illegal.
  • Trainees who have been absent for more than 30% of the attachment period will have their attachments stopped. Genuine cases may be considered for extension.
  • Trainees whilst on attachment must not make unnecessary noise that may disturb the activities of the organization / company.
  • Trainees must carry at all times their training institutions ID card for identification. If organizations / companies have provided you with one, it must be carried at all times and be made visible to everyone.
  • Trainees are not allowed to make or receive telephone calls in workshops, offices, and other facilities at any time except if allowed by the organization or company. Personal mobile phones must be switched off while attending meetings or undertaking training activities.
  • Trainees must adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization / company they are attached to.
  • No trainee shall make any public statement on matters concerning the organization / company without specific written authority from the Director, Manager or Proprietor of the organization / company.
  • Trainees must enter and leave the organization’s / company’s premises only via the designated entrance and exit routes.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality at work are of paramount importance and must be observed whilst undertaking attachments.
  • If trainees would like to request a day off, sick leave, or delay for work, trainees must request for it in advance either by a letter or a phone call.


Trainees must familiarize themselves with the organization’s / company’s working hours and must ensure full compliance to those periods. Punctuality and attendance are assessed in the final report.

Safety In The Workshop

  • Safety regulations must be enforced where appropriate.
  • Overall / oblique aprons and trousers must be worn where instructed.
  • Long hair must be secured or fastened, and head scarves worn when operating.
  • It is the responsibility of every worker to ensure the health and safety of his fellow worker whilst at work.
  • Health and safety risks and hazards where present must be reported to the Training Supervisor.
  • All female technical students must wear trousers where appropriate.
  • Safety goggles and oblique or leather aprons must be worn as required.

Will bring you update on VIRA Orientation and all you need to know.

On behalf of ourselves KTUinsider, Industrial Liaison Office (ILO), Staff and Management of KTU and the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), we want to wish all students the best of luck during their attachment period.

Thank you.


  1. Please i havent heard anything from the companies i sent my letters to so please i need help if i can get a placement in Takoradi

  2. Please I’m waiting for the link ,so that can fill it and secondly where am doing am attachment it a school and they will be vacation on the 20 of July.


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