Benefits Of Industrial Attachment To Students And Logbook


Industrial attachment is an essential part of a student’s academic programme. It normally lasts for a period of 3 months. A student is supposed to be attached to a company or organization that offers services that are related to the student’s course of study.

At the end of attachment the student is required to write a report that is about 20 pages

Let’s first get to undertake basic industrial attachment terms;

GIBit Technology

An Attachee-This terms refers to the student who is on attachment

Industry supervisor-This the person/employee in industry who has the responsibility of training the attachee

School supervisor-This is the lecturer professor who will be sent by the university or college to find out the progress the attachee is making.

Logbook-This is a book where the student records the activities that he/she performs on a daily basis while on attachment. It is divided into days/weeks/month (you can buy the logbook at the bookshop Administration)

Benefits of industrial attachment to students

In summary, some of the benefits of industrial attachment include;

  • Exposing the student to demand and challenges of the work place
  • Gaining of practical experience
  • Gaining of working eithics’
  • Helping the student acquire self relieance skills


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