Three (3) Forged Results, Eight (8) Did Not Meet The Required CGPA And One Not A Student, All Dropped From Contesting The 2018/2019 KTUSRC General Election

SRC Elections 2019
SRC Elections 2019

Three Second-year students of the Koforidua Technical University (KTU) have been disqualified for presenting forged results slips to the electoral Commission to contest the 2018/2019 SRC General Election

Eight (8) others were constitutionally disqualified for reasons that they did not meet the required CGPA to contest for any Position. Minimum CGPA require: President Position – 3.20 and above, Vice president Position3.00 and above, and all other executive positions – 3.00 and above

One nominee is not a registered student, she has not registered for two semesters therefore cannot contest for any position. She has results for just first year, thus, two semesters out of three semesters required

As it stands now, those who made it after the verifying of document, we have;

One (1) Person For The Presidency,
One (1) For Secretary,
Two (2) For The Finance Office,
Two (2) For Public Relations Office (PRO),
One (1) For GNUTS,
None (0) For Women’s Commissioner,
Two (2) For Male Organizer,
One (1) For Welfare And
Two (2) For Procurement Office

“The SRC Electoral Commission wish to inform the entire student body of KTU that, after the commission has finished verifying the documents submitted by the students who wished to contest for SRC executive position, most of them do not meet the constitutional requirements, on this note the commission wish to extend the nomination from 6th June, 2018 to 8th June, 2018All students who will be picking nomination forms during this extension will be added to the main elections” said the electoral Commission

It is unclear as to those who forged their results slips amount to any constitutional violations or breach in the NABPTEX Student Guide, or if the Electoral commission or University Management will take any illegal action.

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  1. i think u guys are doing well but my issue is on how u deal with the selections u no like i wish u could reduce the cgpa for them or u should have informed the general students body that this will ne the criteria for the positions not that now that its time the u should inform least it should happen at the beginning of the level 200 first semester. thanks. student ktu level 200 accountancy hnd.

    • It was stated loud and clear on the nomination form, CGPA for presidencial 3.20 and any other execultive position 3.00 CGPA and is also stated clearly in SRC constitution

  2. The EC didn’t do well at all..u shouldn’t have disqualified any of the aspirants even though they don’t meet the qualifications…U should have given them the chance to contest and allow the student body to do our part too..
    I think disqualifying them was a bad option

  3. Comment:Even with the national presidency, you should have certain qualifications before u can stand…. Well done EC👏👏

  4. Well done EC, my problem is with the reopening of nomination for all positions. I guess it would have been better to open the nomination for only the wocom position since that’s the only position not being contested for. Good work done once again on adhering to the laws of the SRC.

  5. The EC didn’t do anything good. Its the dean of students who caught them after the EC said he was done with the verification and a petition reaching the dean. So Pls stop that EC thing they are all corrupt

  6. Ec didn’t do well at all ,sometime is not about book knowledge, what we need is delivery. Who can deliver, allow them to contest the students body will choose their choice

  7. These students must be arrested cos it’s a criminal case. forging of results is a bad practice and against the law. The management of the SRC must get them arrested and punished else they will take that into the world.

  8. ERM.. I don’t see any wrong thing in disqualifying the students with low CGPA ,but my problem is that,
    it’s heartbreaking wasting more time and money on in campaigning and a whole lot of stuff’s

    These students musbe pardon😔

  9. Those with forged CGPA are deemed to be disqualified but those who couldnot meet the CGPA required should anyway be vetted to know their capabilities. Especially those around 3.0 , most of them might be skillful.


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