Disqualification Of Mr. Bright Aikins (Bla Bright) From The KTU SRC Awards 2018


Rules and Regulations was made known to each and every nominee of the 2018 KTU SRC Awards Of which all are to abide by the such rules and regulations respectively. Mr. BRIGHT AIKINS (BLA BLIGHT) violated the rules by posting a video which is full of unsuitable words and due to that has disrespected the management and the entire body of the Award which includes every nominee.

On this Note he has been disqualified from all the Categories he had nominations.

Maximum respect is given to each and every nominee on this platform.

NOTE: This should sound as a warning to anyone on here irrespective of who you are never to go against the rules and regulations by disrespecting or using of indecent words or videos.

Freedom is given to everyone to express their views and to have fun but there should be a limit due to the credibility and the importance of these honourable awards.

Thank you for your cooperation and God

Bless you all.


Lumen Entertainment Ghana


SRC President


Awards Committee Chairman.


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