Fighters KTU Command; A New Vibrant And Revolutionary Student Has Been Born


We bring to you, the birth of a new revolutionary Student movement;  Fighters KTU Command.

Our ears and eyes have the observations, our brain have drawn the conclusion and then presented it as our consensus which states that, we bind into an organization which will be able to fight for the compulsory rights of the students. Fighters KTU Command is what has popped up in our heads.

This Organization, Fighters KTU Command is conducted by recognized students of this institution for which it is supervised by Economic Fighters league, a non-governmental body.

The purpose of this student body organization is to fight for students interest and rights, give students the opportunity to develop leadership by mobilizing and taking on school activities and in addition, planning events that contribute to school spirit

The Fighters Student Command is the legitimate voice of the students registered within the confines of the school, expected not to only represent students view but conscientize them to fight for their interest: against arbitrary fee increases which are making it impossible for people to access tertiary education, obnoxious examination rules, abuse by lectures or teachers and other forms of injustices

From another brilliant viewpoint, we will safe play our cards so that security will be balanced within and around the institution in order to keep students and our staff safe.

Hence, we will walk the talk of sanitizing students politics and activism on campus.

The function of this student council is based upon a non-governmental procedures which traces its route from the constitution of our giant body (mother organization) the Economic Fighters League. Notions are submitted, balloted  and confirmed by the students body present.

Any humble student that is enthused in leadership,organizational behavior and becoming more involved in the school are welcome to become inclusive

In a nutshell,we are gonna launch a cool pressure on our respectable office the Students Representative Council (SRC) for the purpose of accountability. We still have a voice to claim for which for which our melodious motto hails AMANDLA! then supported with AWETHU!

Our progress is grinding steadily just like an old slave mill

Join us today!

Join us now!

Call 0556542044 or 0573138972 for more enquiries


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