I have Printed My Industrial Attachment Letter, Where Should I Submit It?



Tetteh Amanor Godfred:

“I have printed my industrial attachment letter. Where should I submit it?”



An Industrial Attachment is a structured credit-bearing work experience in a professional work setting during which the student applies and acquires knowledge and skills. It involves the application of learned skills in an organization related to the student’s major.

On your attachment letter, paragraph three (3) says…

(It is our desire to have TETTEH AMANOR GODFRED attached to an appropriate department or section in your establishment for practical training in the following skills:)

And the skills were listed below. What it means is that, any company or organization you submit your attachment letter should have services related to the skills we require you to learn.

The institution will get placement for students but might not be enough for all students, so that is why we are giving you this letters to be submitted at your choice of company or organisation you wish to do attachment with during the long vacation. You have now to the end of the second semester to submit your letters. Do remember that attachment starts a week after vacation, the earlier the better placement

Thank you



  1. please i cant even find my letter talk less of printing it
    anytime i try to click on the print letter,it comes as your attachment letter is not yet ready for printing or your programme is not part of the industrial attachment.

  2. please i want to do a six week attachment during this vacation before the real attachment in next semister and want to ask can it be possible?????

  3. Please what if u r a DBS student n u couldn’t do it last year can u still do it n can ur letter still be printed out for the attachment.

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