STEP 01.


NOTE: if you try registering and you get ID duplication error, please Stop and move to Step 02

Registration link

STEP 02.

After Registration, use your index and mobile number to log in

Login link


After a Successful log in, you should see a screen like this below, click on the image which should take you to step 04


At step 04, please click on print letter here


If your letter is ready for printing, you should see a screen like this below, scroll down and click on print letter here


A print commend will pop up, on the printer setting, make sure you uncheck the headers and footers to look like the image below

How to fill your letter printing it out,


It is advisable you submit your letters before coming back to school, because the early the better placement you are likely to get.

It is also advisable after submitting your letters, you try as much as possible to get their contact so you can regularly check up on your placement, you might be given an acceptance letter when you are offered placement, and you will submit the acceptance letter to the industrial liaison office (ILO) upon resumption.

We hope this tutorial has helped you to print your attachment letter, you can always get support on WhatsApp any time you have any challenges.

WhatsApp line: 0240273100

Thank you