About XhenDheMoney Business


XhenDheMoney Business came into existence under various faculties on campus. This Entertainment Group was formed to bring unity among the various cliques and communities within KTU, in order to elevate Entertainment in Koforidua Technical University and nationwide. Under the umbrella of the Xhendemoney Business, they have different varieties of Talents in the field of Entertaiment: Music, dance, Graphic designers, DJ’S and Promotes. These are Some artistes found under the XhenDeMoni Business Group: Stepz, Tician, Jam Rock, XhenDeMoni, TrustDboy, HomeBoyIce, DJZhomie, DJ OneTym, indomie, Joey, Shaggy, kalama, waddleGh, ngissah, Peggy, Kwesi Manful (Prez Kwesi).

Their Wings are widely open for acceptance depending on whom would voluntarily love to be signed with passion to “help build XhenDheMoney Business”.


  1. Comment:these guys guys are taking entertainment on campus to another level… big ups to them.
    the crowd on the Akwaaba week celebration was massive.


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