In Your Hands My Faith Lies


The condition of lacking power to act with legal effectiveness is termed Incompetence when it comes to Law

Should I describe the current SRC Executives as incompetent? I live it untold

Students have been in a dilemma ever since this semester started which the postponement of Akwaaba Week cannot be left out. About a week ago the programme outline for the Akwaaba Week Celebration popped up and students were happy because this celebration has been there since the formation of this our noble school. This program ushers the fresher’s to the institution and make them have a real feeling of campus entertainment.

GIBit Technology

I was very happy when i heard of such a program because i strongly believe in the asession “All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy”. My preparations went on to the extent that I have to go and search for an African Wear and some all-white attire  which I will use in the week celebration so far as dressing code is a key in some of the programs.

The morning which supposed to be the first day of the commencement of the program, the unexpected news hit my phone, The Postponement of Akwaaba Week Celebration  and I asked myself “What’s actually the problem?”

The news came out with no reasons pertaining to the postponement of the celebration which is unfair in the face of the students and persons who had interest in it.

 Nothing have been said to the student body from the office of the organizer or the president himself

I would like to ask “Is it a crime to give mandate to people to serve you?”

Many students are in pain and grief but they can’t talk but I will never be mute over this.

Did I read SRC organizer attributing the reason for the postponement to 4Syte Music Video Awards because sarkodie, shata Wale and Co will be picking up awards so they won’t be able to get them if we need them on our shows and their charges will go high. “Eeiii Breda” hmm, he also made a point that there is no money.

Below is what the Organizer Posted in KTU Politicians Pub whatsapp platform

 “Delay of funds
18th November 4syt music video awards where most of all this artistes we need are picking up awards hence making it difficult to get them to come n perform n if they do it incure  increase in money charged”

Did you weigh all this before coming out with the date and program outline?

This is total incompetent act

If the people who I have trusted and giving my faith to govern me and I am getting this treatment from, then I am a living dead.

Note I don’t hate any of the SRC executives but all I want from you is Good governance because in your hands my faith lies

Thank you.



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