Vote Your Favourite Artiste For The SRC Akwaaba Week


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  1. Comment:No more Shata.
    Why do you even have to add him to the list whilst you know he came here just last year?
    He will win the vote but to me…..

  2. Siafuorr …hw many of u fit chop one food for 5days sef..
    Shatta come here already..
    #Bhim nation for life
    #Scatter bad man dem

  3. Bringing Shata Wale a year after he has been here would look so childish (one way)
    He shouldn’t have been on the list in the first place

  4. shata wale all the way ….we the memebers of gladiators say we cordially invite shata wale for this years akwabaa week celebration

  5. ah no shatta wale this time maybe another i think this time it should be kaumi Eugene and the others like kidi strongman


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