Want To Make The Best Out Of Your Industrial Attachment? Read This!


The major purpose of an industrial attachment is to equip you with practical skills (related to the knowledge you’ve acquired), expose you to the working environment you’ll find yourself in the future, and to give you the experience (required by most companies).
Despite this purpose, most students seem not to like this, and only participates in it because it’s compulsory.

However, in as much as you might have numerous reasons not to participate, it’s very essential to bringing the best out of you and securing you a better career if you do take it serious. Below are three (3) ways you can make the best out of it.

1. Acquire and Enhance Your Technical Skills. No matter the career field you will find yourself, you will need outstanding technical skills to survive and to move forward. The best time to develop these skills is during your attachment. You don’t just gain practical experience, you get to learn new skills and acquire knowledge in different fields. To make the best out of this and turn into a blessing in the future, you need to develop a learnable spirit. Be willing to learn, be submissive and make enquiries on anything you want to learn. You can as well volunteer to assist others (in different fields) during your idle moments at the company. Trust me, your future will thank you for this.

2. Be affable and Network. Networking is one of the best ways to becoming successful in your career field. From meeting potential employers (or clients), landing yourself a job in an ideal company or developing your business, the people you know or in your networking cycle plays a major role. So while on attachment, develop good working relationship with both colleagues and superiors, clients, etcetera, just be sure you have an affable relationship with everyone else. In the future, you’ll reap the fruit of that network seed you did sow.

3. Be familiar with the “dos and don’ts” of the working environment. While on attachment, take note of things you are allowed to and things you are restricted from doing. Right from dressing, communicating, down to taking orders, not retaliating, just know your limits. When you’re able to familiarise yourself with these, you won’t have problems in your working environment in the future as you already know what to expect, what not to, and how to deal with problems.

Is there any other way you think the best can be made out of your industrial attachment? Or do you have any experience? Share in the comments section to inspire others.


  1. You’re my favorite blogger so far girl, keep it up. I recommend your articles to all out there, these are writings we should read and abide by, not those of traffic minded people. Salute.

  2. I can attest to the importance of networking. Any student who is unable to network while on internship is only wasting his or her time. Network, network and network paaaaa because it’s no more about whom you know alone, it’s about who knows you too…

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