SRC Week Celebration Saga: Universal Hall Requests For Detailed Explanation


Cases about the Forfeiting of this Year’s SRC WEEK celebration has arose and the tension is now deepening up as certain students are now beginning to ask questions on why the SRC Week Celebration was cancelled.

One of the Great Halls of this noble institution, Universal Hall, has showed concern and had put their plea on paper in the form of an Official Letter signed by the President of the HALL, directing it to the SRC President, stating that; the reasons given for the forfeiture of the SRC Week Celebration isn’t laudable and has therefore given the SRC President Mr Gabriel Mensah, twenty four (24) hours to address the entire student body on why the SRC Week Celebration was cancelled.

Below is a picture of the official letter forwarded by the Universal Hall, do take a view, and feel free to share your views at the comments section.


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