We Have Rebranded to DeInsider.com

Published on: 18 May 2019

KTU insider wishes to express it’s sincere thanks to the management of this noble institution (KTU), Editorial/Authors of the Blog, the SRC, all class representatives and the Student’s populace as a whole to whom we owe lit gratitude.

KTUinsider which has been in existence since April 2017 became the only trusted and relevant online news portal and platform with rich content; to inform, inspire and impact, educate and entertain, ensure a healthy lifestyle among students and the general public as a whole.

We’ve shared news, information and happenings to students on their smartphones in real-time via our blog (ktuinsider.com) and social media platforms which include, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Youtube, telegram, and WhatsApp selflessly.

We’ve addressed almost all issues concerning/affecting students and beyond the region. We’ve shared information related to Academics, Entertainment, Campus Politics, Accommodation, Campus Life, Entrepreneurship, Scholarship, Inspiration and Self-Improvement, Health Issues, Career Development, Relationship Issues, Promotion of Student Activism, Emancipatory activities, Sports News, etc

We had this conviction that, yes indeed, it’s about time we tell our own stories, because, “If You Don’t Tell Your Story, Someone Else Will” that is the reason behind our existence. We’ve told our own stories just as it was, we’ve listened to students and allowed them expressed their opinions. Students accepted us and begun to contact us with critical issues affecting them for advice or get the appropriate channel to address their predicaments.
We’ve given voices to the voiceless, we’ve empowered the students to take responsibility for their lives on campus through our publications and at the end of the day, it impacted positively.

We’ve been confronted with issues concerning sexual harassment/abuse, lesbianism, finance and a whole lot and God been so good, through our blog victims, have tested the faith of justice.

We’ve won the heart of most students, the love showed, messages of appreciations, positive feedbacks have kept us till now. We’ve assisted a lot of students directly or indirectly to gain admission, responded to thousands of student’s inquiries and have educated a lot more not limiting to the students of KTU. We’ve groomed and mentored student writers, bloggers, and editors who write and publishes news, articles, and stories on our blog (ktuinsider.com) and some of these beneficiaries have even gone to the extent of winning awards in our recognition. Aren’t we proud of that?

The journey wasn’t smooth though, we received negative comments, insults which led to blocking some students on our platforms. Some expressed their displeasure, others went to the extra mile but all the same, we were tolerant and accepted whatever critique they spewed in good faith and have worked tirelessly just to make sure information reaches the student populace regardless of place, time and cost.

We’ve never regretted been “insiders”, it’s been fun, reading funny messages from students, somewhere heartfelt which made us understand human relations, the joy we get when we walk pass students and we hear them telling their mates about KTUinsider especially the fresher men and women; the only portal to get information on campus.

It is rather unfortunate, the “KTU” attached to Insider is a brand name for Koforidua Technical University (KTU) which is limiting us in our publications and reaching a wider audience. Two years of existence, we’ve grown beyond just KTU, we need to break through our comfort zone. In this regard, we’ve now been innovative by dropping KTU attached to insider and be called DeInsider.com Blog, which means KTU has been substituted to De. This initiative has affected or has an effect on all our social media platforms; which is the twitter, facebook, Instagram and the blog itself. That’s the evolvement we’ve made.

We’ve rebranded and will carry you along, we have become a great family now, you made us who we are today. Our activities and publications will now reach a wider audience not leaving the very core value behind our existence. we will continue to share information with KTU Students and responds to hundreds of inquiries students and prospectives confront us with.

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Long live KTU
Long live SRC
Long live DeInsider

Thank you for reading